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  • Poor bastard. All that effort to impress the tottie and half a second after landing on the pitch the steward knocked him arse over teakettle.
    I hope he got a result out of it. The steward certainly deserved one.

  • @MrPwnstar007 you have to be the worst piece of shit trash that has ever been put on this earth let me guess you are some fat 40 year old virgin that lives in his mums basement go get a life and treat women with respect!

  • Some body should have hoped over once the security guys had left because there was 4-5 on him couldn’t have been many left. But good hit an way but also a bit unnecessary.

    The steward was better at tackling than the aussies that day!

  • That steward is such a twat , no need to be like that – they guy wasn’t even being aggresive or anything , big headed faggot !

  • @MrPwnstar007 yh someone needs to knock his head off? your some arrogant cunt mate shut up

  • and fucken hell why are those bitches at the game and not at home cleaning and cooking they all sounds like a pack of squeeling pigs and birds

  • someone needs to knock that british cunts head off, people trying to watch the game and that dickheads acting like a complete fuckwit

  • dont see this at football matches do you thats what makes rugby better, everyone gets along!!!

  • you fuckers like will never beat me! im like your worsest like frikn nightmare i eat guys like a lonely like weekend at like the local toilet block devouring like strange old guys cocks like youse are just like my dad’s cum and like im just licking you all – this is no like contest

  • @JPA1994 mmmmmm nice big bite from Josh. Don’t feed the TROLLS josh

    hahaha “too Dumb to realise” indeed. LOL

  • @IronMickTyron4Dick well well well… true Redneck: too Dumb to realise he’s already lost a fight, and is trying to cover his tracks… it’s Iraq all over again, isn’t it? You as a nation (America, baby) are too feckin retarded to realise you’ve fucked a place up, and you were wrong in the first place haha. that’s why you guys wear pads in all your “American Sports” that are tough and hard… basketball is cool, though, coz it’s played by black guys who keep IT REAL haha. have a nice incest 😛

  • @semtex84 haha ur an obedient little puppy aren’t u?! WRONG AGAIN. tobruk was down to bad generalship u daft paedo cunt lol- read the report…nothing to do with ur troops being there or not (some still were though btw idiot). Oh and was that the same hindenburg line we’d already broken through at cambrai? (Yes).
    What point are u trying to make anyway numbnuts? that we’d be speaking german if it wasn’t for u? haha proof please? dream on- we don’t NEED ur lighthouse help. Post again.

  • @IronMickTyron4Dick Australian and New Zealand pilots flew in the UK and fought in the battle of britain. Fact.

    We also held out the Afrika Korps from Tobruk for 9months. Once our guys were withdrawn back to Australia, we were replaced by English and Polish troops. Tobruk fell a few weeks afterwards.

    We also broke the Hindenburg Line in WWI. Something you couldn’t do. We also took Beer-Sheba in 15minutes, your boys couldn’t take it in 3 days.

    Once again, don’t expect help next time.

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