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  • @dadubs93 It’s not the offloading that England can’t do, it’s knowing
    what’s the best game to play. England are supposed to be powerful side
    capable of playing a physical game, yet it got shown up by Samoa, RSA and
    Ireland when they were brought back down to Earth.

  • Great win for England and also a great performance which you don’t say
    often. Ashton’s second try and Beale’s first were two great all time tries
    that will be remembered for some time.

  • Great performance the only things is when we should have scored tries we
    didnt, but great kicking by flood

  • And also australia have the record for most penalties given that shouldnt
    have been penalties and your goin to sit there and pick holes at something
    tht he’s allowed to do?!

  • with this and other performances i reckon england will be a major force at
    this years world cup in new zealand. southern hemisphere, this is a taster
    of things to come from england

  • my greatest hope is that ashton will do his stupid swan dive as he is about
    to score in the world cup final to win the game and drop the ball

  • if ur australian too bad coz u cant either and if ur not i think the
    current team will have enough experience in 2015 to make the final

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