England Rugby

There is some pretty good news for England rugby this time. Celebrated rugby player Sam Tomkins has decided and announced that he is planning to play for the England team, as they prepare for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Sam Tomkins is known for his exceptional rugby skills that have become very evident during his time playing for the Wigan Warriors and also Great Britain. So now, when it has been decided that he will be switching codes with intentions of playing for England, it really is a time for the English rugby circuit to rejoice.

Sam Tomkins first shone bright when his efforts while playing for the Wigand Warriors helped the team have a spectacular win against the Hull, while they were playing for the final game at Wembley during late August this year. Tomkins is the current reigning Super League’s Man of Steel, has confirmed that he will not be joining the NRL side New Zealand Warriors, as had been speculated and rumored. He has said that his main focus is to help England win the Rugby World Cup in 2015, and he will give it his best shot while playing for them. And besides helping the England rugby team win the World Cup, he also plans to help the Wigan Warriors win the Grand Final.

According to Tomkins, his vision is to follow Joel, who is his brother and former team mate as well. He plans to follow him in to the rugby union at some stage or the other, by starting with the England rugby team. When asked, he was of the opinion that he is not among those players who prefer only playing for the league, and not the union, as they feel that the union is rubbish. And aside from this, Tomkins is the ambassador for the Shock Doctor, which is a range of sports protection.