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  • Such a GORGEOUS and caring man!!!! I wish all sportsmen and athletes were like him! The world would be a beautiful place!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think Ben was condoning violence at all. When he said Casey should be proud of himself, I think what he meant is that you should never allow someone to hit you or demean you and you should stand up for yourself. If someone is physically becoming aggressive, we have every right as human beings to defend ourselves, whether we are 20 or 10. No one was trying to help this child so his only other option was defend himself and stop the violence towards him.

  • Ben, you mention “although I can’t condone violence”, yet you praise Casey for standing up for himself, and that he makes himself proud, with a well done confidence to stand up against bullies. Actually, you are condoning violence to settle matters. This video subtly advocates physical reaction, for countering violent bullying with a violent reaction. And, what is exactly wrong with condoning violence in order to fight violence? Why R U so forthright in not “condoning” violence to self-protect?

  • i was bullied all through highschool fer being gay and ive been snuck up on and sucker punched atleast 2 dozen times. cops do shit… Im just glad for the freinds i did have in high school. i freaked out when i had enough i will say that much,. i was never touched since. 😀 i got a bloody nose n a black eye but glad i did the same to him lol i still have my dignity i think.. im not a violent person, it just happens when ure hurt over n over for 3 years.

  • Sometimes all you can do is retaliate. if you attack someone you’ve nothing to stand on when they hit you back, that simple.

  • Just goes to prove what I’ve always thought about Ben. He’s a stand up guy and great ally.

    Thanks, Ben.

    Cheers, mate!

  • Phew… Whilst this video was loading I had a terrible, sinking feeling it was going to be one of the overly PC responses condemning the retaliation. Luckily, my admiration for Ben remains fully intact! Casey did indeed do himself proud. You never want your children to be bullied, if they ever are; you truly wouldn’t want them to be a victim.

    NEVER start a fight but ALWAYS finish one.

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