• @LondonCanary in the last ten years, when the irish play well they’re better than england. neither ireland or england have been consistent… and going back to 2003 to back up your current team (that has almost none/ none on it) is just… bein a tool

  • @kav996 When Ireland makes it to two consecutive world cup finals, including 1 World Cup final win, you can take the piss out of the English rugby team without looking like a tool. Until then your just going to be our noisy insignificant neighbors next door. : )

  • @kav996 Trying to pass off Tommy Tiernans jokes as your own hey!?…… can’t imagine where you’ve seen England defeated in war. Around in 1776 were you? Even then it was British colonists so doesn’t count! 😉

  • Ireland just a far superior team..The combination of skill and strength just left England not able to do anything.. Good game..

  • Ireland really should have destroyed england in the game…. im talking a 30 40 point win…. great performance but seems like ireland have lack the ability to put a cricket score on teams. Instead they strangle the life out of them……..

  • @bulletForlife13 becaue the angles and saxons were german tribes, there are not even any celts in britain or ireland, a incorrect name given to the native peoples of brtain and ireland – atlanto medterranean types in reality.
    There is no such thing as a celtic race made up wrongly by the romans. The romans originally referred to a middle european tribe as celts who were a german tribe. The romans referred to the ancient people of britain as celts too but this is totally wrong!

  • Im so happy we stopped there grandslam, man that martin johnson is a wanker, he hates the irish him, fuck you johnson ya wanker, you be waiting along time for your grandslam ha ha ha ya cunt, excuse my language people im on mobile und drunk ^^ wait for all the drunk irish jokes, ill have you know right now im now singin there’ll always be an England, I like that song _^

  • @smegma42 By refusing to admit that English people are arrogant, and saying that the Irish are much more arrogant, makes you arrogant.

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