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  • @WMSportsTherapy Drop their ass? I wasn’t aware donkeys were allowed on the pitch.

  • @chiefmungomartin because its rugby specific, you would’nt expect to see him lowering someone gently on the rugby pitch, he would just drop there ass!

  • Haskell must have an old injusry or something. But, why was he dropping the bar on the deadlifts?

  • this is fuckin savage training,fair enough haskell technique isnt the greatest but the cunt would still smash lads on the field with tackels thats what all this training comes down to really

  • That dude in the grey crossfit Tshirt looked so much more comfortable lifting those weights. Im quite sure he was shoulder pressing more at the start too. clearly Haskell is just big naturally casue tht dude is like half the size of him and lifting the same if not more much more easily. And for all those Haskell fans yes he wud dwarf me and yes he wud put me to shame but im not comparing him to me im comparing him to the dude he is training wit.

  • @bluemoonday You’re right yes but this vid should be taken in context, it’s CV training primarily, it’s not about muscle isolation. They’re using weights to intensify a cardio session. You can be sure that all of them have very “correct” training regimes under England’s coaches as well as this stuff.

  • @762SLR762 yeah sure but what ever sport you are training for, the quality of training is everything, just as Jack Nicklaus preaches. American pro sport writes the book on training and they know the value of quality training. Rugby players have and will continue to learn a lot from the NFL and their training methods despite the obvious differences between each sport.

  • @bluemoonday Take a look at how fat your average NFL player is compared to these boys. How long does an NFL player actually play (let alone move) during their 60 minutes? 10 if that. These guys don’t stop for 40 + 40 minutes, without pads, utterly different level of conditioning to NFL.

  • gotta love the people having a go at his technique…what difference does it make?
    the guys an animal.

  • Lawrence Dallaglio believes James Haskell can become the world’s best number eight, please don’t make me laugh, Jamie Heaslip is way better

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