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  • Mike Tindall is an international rugby legend it’s none of your business of what is married life is or anything private like that. This is a rugby video not a channel 4 insight video now fuck of.

  • A broken nose is a sign that he was talking when he should have been listening. What the fuck does she see in that skinheaded fucker?

  • @RaikenXion he has a beautiful nose- a strapping young english cad, pounding the pussy hole of a regal trollope(who has a tongue piercing to aid oral sex) kinky little bitch.

  • Mike Tindalls a fucking prick!!! y does he appeal to mainstream English people or sumthin!? I seem to see and hear more bout this twat and his fucked up nose, boozing, with his head stuck in sum tart’s cleavage!! than I hear about him in Rugby. And yes I wud fuckin say all this to his ugly mush, and fuckin crack him one and fuck his nose up even more, fucking wanker!!!

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