Scotland Team Comes Out With A New Goal And A New Lead

Even though Scotland Rugby Team has lost after reaching the final stage in the Commonwealth games, they have had quite a bit of success on the European Cups. CalumMacRae, the new head coach said that from the start they have seen a point of view that is defensive and have worked accordingly as it was just the starting point and they needed to see where exactly the team was standing. Although it is nothing but a step in the correct direction, they still have miles to go and work on their performance.

Scotland under the supervision on MacRae will be facing the matches and in order to achieve success will be working harder on their performance. They will be working of the defense strategies first, then they will shift to improve their attacks. MacRae said that he wants to see the changes that he has implemented into the group in the next two upcoming seasons. He thinks that it is important to take part in every competition that will give the players experience and ranking. This decision was taken as a group after discussing the necessary points and this also gives a particular goal to the team to perform and this will be a challenge for the group.

Focusing on the performance goals is important as of now rather than wanting bigger goals as the team will go far if put to competitions. The team will perform better. Scotland team is ready to beat the top five teams in Queensland match and they will put their defense to full use in order to come out as the best team. All this will be under the former Stand-off of Glasgow Warriors Colin Gregory who was given the captaincy earlier this year by MacRae after the great performances in Manchester and Bucharest.