England Rugby’s History

The England Rugby Team is also known as The England National Rugby Union Team is a rugby union in England. The emblem of the England Rugby Team is a red rose and the home ground of the England rugby team is Twickenham Stadium where the team first played in the year 1910. The England Rugby Team is ranked fifth in the International Rugby Team. Also the England Rugby Team won the Rugby World Cup in the year 2003 besides being the first runner ups in two years namely 1991 and 2007.

If we have to go back to the history of this team we are taken right back to the year 1871 when the England rugby team had officially played their first match in Scotland. Unfortunately this match ended in a loss for the England Rugby Team. Following the loss, England Rugby Team again did not win the world cup championship in the year 1910. However the England Rugby Team was fortunate to take part in the inauguration of the Rugby World Cup in the year 1987. This took them to taking part in the finals in the second world cup in the year 1991 but again lost to Australia with a score line 12-6.

England Rugby Team has reached the final of the Rugby World Cup thrice and has also won it once in the year 2003. Some of the victories were in the year 1995 when the England Rugby Team won to Australia having a score line 25-22 but were unfortunately beaten by the well known All Blacks. However it ended with a loss to France. In the knockout stages in the 2003 tournament the England Rugby Team won with a whooping margin of 25-6 to South Africa emerging to be the winners of Pool C. They continued their winning spree by defeating Wales and a subsequent victory against France which took them to the final. The last match was a crucial one extending to a 20 minute overtime when Jonny Wilkinson kicked a drop goal thereby lifting the Webb Elis Cup. This was by far the most cherished victory among all.

Some of the titles like the most caps and top scorers are the famous and proud titles of the team which are given to the best players. The most caps title is now held by Jason Leonard and the Top Scorer Title is held by Rory Underwood.