England Wants To Be On Top In Rugby

The trio of England is in town to give training skills to a group of girls and boys of different age groups from the Dubai Hurricanes Rugby Club (DHRC)

After the team England rugby bowed out of the World Cup in the 2015 in the pool stages, and Eddie Jones took over the position of coach, a massive turnaround has been seen in the team and its game. The change is not only in how they play the game, but also changes could be seen in their attitude as well.

The England trio, who is imparting training skills to the girls and boys, are giving a message to the kids. And the message is “rugby is all about having fun”. And this is very true as well; the game is all about having fun, but then what happens when a team or you miss out on breaking a record or winning a Grand Slam. Continue reading “England Wants To Be On Top In Rugby”