In the World Cup Finals of 2003, Martin Johnson had become famous for leading England to their victory against Australia. Johnson is expected to be in Lincolnshire on March 2.

The England Rugby legend will on that day, join Duckworth Land Rover in celebrating the opening of its brand new showroom in the area. The showroom houses both Jaguar and Land Rover.

The special launch event has about 650 guests invited to witness the opening of the new Kirton showroom. The hosts are still putting a number of finishing touches to the new Jaguar showroom worth no less than £7 million.

With the opening of this showroom on the A16 Kirton, Jaguar would have finally made a long-awaited return to the Boston area. The showroom will play host to many top cars driven by rich businessmen and celebrities as well. One favorite would be the Jaguar F Type, which goes for a retail price no less than £50,000.

In addition, the new site will ensure an increase in the number of staff being employed by the firm and the car James Bond loves to drive would equally be available for purchase.

In 1962, Duckworth was established and named James Duckworth and son. Their main area of expertise was in servicing and carrying out repairs on Land Rover vehicles.

However, 1980 saw them move to Market Rasen, which remains their current site up to date. There, they became a full-time Land Rover retailer.

In 2007, they expanded into Boston with Ben Duckworth, the managing director of the company, taking over the Parkside Land Rover on London Road, Kirton at the old site. They clocked 35 years as a Land Rover retailer in 2015 and they are proud of the legacy they have so far kept.