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  • @2003RugbyBoy please, be more clueless. you obviously weren’t even watching rugby in 2003

  • wheres neil back or richard hill arguable two of the best back rowers to have ever wore an england shirt???

  • I made this video ages ago when the likes ofchris ashton and tualagi weren’t really there in the England squad… No doubt the they are both world class players and definatley among the best England have to offer. I’ll be honest I don’t really rate tait as a player any more and I isn’t think he was outstanding when he did play.

  • great team, but what about chris ashton, matt tait evon tualagi and shaw?? surley ashton over healy and shaw over kay at least!

  • errrr richard hill? dunno where all englands talent has gone.one to watch out for tho is christian wade

  • cohen isn’t a centre, surely put him on the wing, get rid of austin healy and stick tindall in at 13..

    Neil Back also needs to be in there somewhere and possibly Courtney Lawes instead of Ben Kay.

    But apart from that, this was pretty good 🙂

  • Funnily enough there’s something called a opinion, dunno if you’ve heard but people are entitled to one.

  • Cohen at 13 and then Healey at 11…lol. Not even a mention of the likes of NEIL BACK, JASON LEONARD OR MIKE TINDALL

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