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  • OMG, this guy is really hilarious….bwahahahahahahahahaha…..is he trying to be like the Rock Dwayne Johnson….

  • The guy who released this video is deranged…listen to him! As for Tindall who would trust a drunk boofhead footy player anyway, Prince Mike or the Viscount of fuck-arse or whatever his title is

  • @TheTandemrider OH NO Please come to NZ, the entire population is going to be devastated that you have changed your dream holiday destination. From what I have seen on the News, the bouncer who released this footage isn’t quite right in the head. I honestly think he has mental problems and certainly isn’t typical of the people you would come across in our amazing country. If it takes something as trivial as this to put you off we would rather you stay away. Retard..

  • such charming language only goes to prove rugby players and their fans are thugs

  • I live in this town, ‘mr narrator’ is a fuckin loser and everyone here hates him now. what a disgrace he is to this fine town

  • Jonathon dixon is a fucking disgrace to queenstown and this country. He makes me want to puke my guts out. I’m all for a town vote to exile him permanatly from the lakes district. get a fuckin life you loser and mind your own fuckin business. WANKER!!!!

  • @XsalcinX If only all women were as understanding as you… ‘Just like his wife has’ – I’m sure ‘the family’ would have wanted her to slap him across the chops in public alright. Oh, and sorry for giving you a member….

  • @mogy71 im looking at it from a woman’s point of view and a sensible one, just like his wife has!!!!!!! You idiot!!

  • she tease him he just dance and when she s hot just give her a head kiss ot say sorry baby . Another No story

  • @XsalcinX clearly they were drunk indeed. Obviously his missus’ll understand. ur a dick…..in fact, you’re a blind dick……probably more to do with having only one eye…

  • The Queen has been quick to support Mike Tindall in the controversy around the world cup drinking, and being caught with another women on cctv.

    In order to prove her support she has bought him a chauffer driven trip to Paris once the tournament is complete haha 😛

  • watching this gave me a crick in my neck.
    p.s. to all the people saying that he was quite clearly drunk: drink is not an excuse to behave like a complete arse wipe

  • Mr Narrator ur a dick!! The guy was out with an old friend totally inoccent, clearly they were drunk! Clearly there is nothing on this cctv !!!

  • Tindall thought that playing the field in another country included women too. Only a selfish jerk would be so unkind as to show a lack of respect for his new bride. He forgets he is (1) married and (2) representing his country.

  • Guy marries a stunner of a woman, a member of the Royal Family, and he’s STILL not satisfied?!

    That’s what’s wrong with these pricks – men like him never have enough and always want more.

    Divorce the tit, Zara; you’re better than that.

  • @thetandemrider thank goodness you won’t be setting foot on these precious grounds then! wtf are you on? This is not about nz, it’s about a guy in a bar snapped flirting! Harmless yes, but flirting regardless. Could have occurred in any country. NZ is an amazing place! Nothing more needs to be said about that.

  • What a sanctimonious prick that bouncer is. It all looks like a slightly tipsy encounter with a girl who is over excited. Mike Tindall did NOTHING wrong on this video and the only person who has come out badly is the bouncer who should be forgotten about forever. Arsehole.

  • England boss Martin Johnson said any misleading information Tindall gave as to his whereabouts was a simple mistake.
    “If he was inaccurate in his recollection of the events of the night and his specific whereabouts, he certainly didn’t mean to mislead anyone. It was not an orchestrated cover-up. It was simply an error on his behalf which he apologises for.”

    Simple mistake!? BULLSHIT. Tindall out and out lied about his movements that night, yet Martin Johnson is bullshitting about it as well.

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