• @gmanboom westside doesnt use training maxes the whole point of the ME workout is that you are hitting a true pb each each week on each max exercise which you routate. there is no harm in him doin a pb on the bench if he felt good and wanted to which he did. going off your reckoning the only time a rugby player could lift heavy would be in pre season doesnt matter wether its a world cup or not. conditioning was not the our problem many other things, ie lack of leadership were.

  • @wilki6467 because its a training max. plus he programs it once a week for 2 movement patterns. so there is a week given for recovery as i stated. Furthermore rugby players have a lot more to recover from than what they do in the gym. You think a pb bench helps on the pitch? They’re rugby players not power lifters. My point is that there is nothing to gain from training like this during a world cup. Programming should aim to get maximum performance whilst taxing recovery as little as possible.

  • weirdly, there isn’t any allusion to the tindall flirt, dwarfs-launching, armitage and lawes bans, australian kiss, wilko switch-balls, sponsored mouthguards, tuilagi bath & co..? yep, this holidays… sorry, this world cup seems a real ferry tale

  • @gmanboom so if a true 1rm drains your cns for a week why does simmons westside program have you maxing out twice a week on ME days then????

  • @gmanboom where strength coaches have far better pedigree. Shame about England; we just under performed and didnt play up to our potential.

  • @z0mgrugbyreturns A machine he definitely is! And i am very surprised myself to see this but it seems unnecessary. I’m not arrogant enough to assume i know better than the coaches but in weightlifting circles the stress of a max lift is well understood and carefully regulated and it seems negligent to prescribe that sort of training. It does seem that some training in rugby is a little outdated maybe because rugby is fairly new to professionalism but this would not happen in other sports

  • @gmanboom Maybe you’re right, I’m not a fitness head myself, I just find it hard to believe that players or trainers for England, one of the most professional Rugby teams on planet Earth, don’t know this.

    Also if what you’re saying is true then HAskell must be one hell of a machine and a rugby player, because he was one of our best

    anyway maybe you’re right, i just find it hard to believe

  • Maybe that’s why England have been completely lackluster when it comes to what actually matters: their performance on the pitch (not in the gym). Look at athletics: far superior in physical strength and speed to rugby players with a lot less demands in terms of energy systems. Even they taper max intensity strength training towards competition. And i’m certain the new Zealand team will not be maxing out- because they still have intensity on the pitch. You clearly have no knowledge of physiology.

  • @z0mgrugbyreturns You dont have have to know much to know maxing out has NO benefit to a rugby player in a world cup. A true 1rm will drain cns for at least a week- look up any circa max training and you’ll see this is the case.Have you even heard of Simmons, Tate Wendler and the experts on this information? I doubt it. It is very, very basic stuff. I get irritated by keyboard warriors but cant believe they had players maxing out during competition.

  • @gmanboom You don’t think the rest of the teams are doing the same in the gym? Your argument doesn’t even make sense, because Haskell was one of ENglands best players this world cup.

    I’m so tired of arm chair instructors criticizing professional athletes and their routines, without knowing anything about them. The people involved in the England camp surely know more than you, and are in a better decision to decide what is right, seeing as they actually know the players, not watching Youtube

  • Wow maxing out on lifting during the world cup and overloading cns with heavy squat partials….really intelligent programming….

  • glad the boys had fun at spookers, but for such big guys they sure were chicken =P hope to see them again best behaved group we’ve had in a while.

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