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  • Show this to our fucking football team! England 2015! Come one! I was 8
    when we won in 2003, I might be at university when we win again in 2015 –
    you never know ­čśÇ ´╗┐

  • 7 years old when i first watched this with my dad, best feeling ever then,
    same feelings now.´╗┐

  • Robinson’s try was the best moment for me. It shut those ozzies up, that’s
    for sure.´╗┐

  • Glorious, such a pleasure to watch again after 10 years. Let’s do it again

  • Liaam1703, firstly shut the fuck up and never mention football in this
    match. A RUGBY MATCH, and secondly you say england are better at football,
    when a football player gets tackled they start crying, rugby player tackle
    isn’t anything obviously´╗┐

  • Brings a tear of joy to my eye every time i watch the final kick of the

  • There were about a dozen English on a hotel bar in Fiji watching this
    amongst Aussies and Kiwi’s. Aussies and Kiwis booing Wilkinson every
    second. I was going for a quiet beer until the booing pissed me off after
    about 10mins. I got verbal after that with a couple of Fijians loving my
    verbal attacks on the enemy. The dirty dozen went fucking mental at the

  • Wilkinson. 1st kick for goal. 47metres. 17 minutes. once that went over. I
    knew we would win.´╗┐

  • The Robinson try was proof positive that England weren’t just a kicking
    side as the naysayers were proclaiming. Moreover my abiding memory was not
    the Wilkinson drop goal (though certainly etched on my memory bank), no it
    was Prime Minister Howard’s glum, sullen face ahahahha.´╗┐

  • I wish they would play the orchestral “Jupiter” for the entrance music at
    every world cup.´╗┐

  • I was 5 when I watched this, didn’t really know what I was watching, better
    do the same in 2015 at Twickenham, as for the football team, they’re the
    worst sport team in England to wear a white shirt´╗┐

  • Need to do this again next year – 2015, at home – Doubt we could have had a
    worse pool to start from though! – COME ON LADS – you need to make up for
    the lousy 2011 showing – I know you can, ENGLAND gave Rugby to the World –
    Bring it back home!´╗┐

  • 10 years to this day, just watched it all again. Tear in my eye! Just
    beautiful! ´╗┐

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